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Welcome to Veoneer Nissin Brake Systems

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vnbs Company Overview

VNBS designs, develops and produces brake control and brake actuation systems for the global light vehicle market. VNBS is a joint venture between Veoneer and Nissin Kogyo. The joint venture started its operation on April 1, 2016 with manufacturing facilities in Japan, China and the United States. As one of the most safety-related parts of the car, brake systems continue to experience rapid and innovative developments. VNBS is working with strong innovative capabilities, agile operational excellence, transparent organization and an eco-friendly attitude. Looking ahead, VNBS is determined to be a market leader in brake control and actuation systems for future cars.

Our Customers





American Center
48034 Southfield Directions

Veoneer-Nissin Brake Systems (Zhongshan)

34 Hao Jiang Lu
Zhongshan Shi Directions +86-0760-2389-1333

Veoneer-Nissin Brake Systems America

2001 Industrial Dr
45840 Findlay Directions +1-419-425-6725

Veoneer-Nissin Brake Systems Japan Ueda

840 Kokubu
386-0016 Ueda-shi Directions +81-268-28-7010

Veoneer-Nissin Brake Systems Japan Yokohama Head Office

3 Chome-17-6 Shinyokohama
222-0033 Yokohama-shi Directions

Veoneer-Nissin East Liberty Engineering Center

10820 OH-347
43319 East Liberty Directions

Veoneer-Nissin Germany Tech Center

Kreuzackerstraße 1
85232 Bergkirchen Directions

Veoneer-Nissin Tochigi Development Center

722-1 Fukuoka
321-0525 Nasukarasuyama-shi Directions +81-287-88-1215


The Global Culture

The establishment of VNBS brings together an incredible team with the technological strength and competitive drive to become a world leader in the area of automotive brake control systems.

While our work forces come from diverse backgrounds, at VNBS we are strongly committed to a set of core values that serve as guiding principles for the company that we are today. Agile, Transparent, Innovative and Eco-friendly are the values that VNBS employees live by in order to be the leader in brake control and actuation systems for future cars.

Equal Opportunity

We promote equal opportunities for all employees at all levels irrespective of color, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious beliefs. We strongly condemn the exploitation of children or other forms of abuse. We particularly strive for an increased number of women in managerial positions which is reflected in our talent management process for future leaders.

 Health and Safety

We are committed to protecting human health, facility assets and the environment while maintaining compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

The Global Culture

To take full advantage of the company’s superior global reach, our core values have been communicated in the relevant languages in each country throughout our global organization.

Our Product




The NK35 Power Brake, a de-coupled brake by wire system, is designed to sense the driver’s intent and provide on demand hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers. It is specially suited to replace conventional Booster / Master Cylinder actuation units in hybrid or fully electric vehicles where engine vacuum is no longer available. A decoupled system allows the vehicle to maximize energy recuperation during a braking event. In addition, the tunable nature of it’s driver interface makes the operation of the system completely intuitive and transparent to the driver. In terms of safety, the system includes backup features that enable it to meet all regulations.




Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a computer controlled brake system designed to monitor a vehicle’s driving situation and react instantly in case instability is detected. It is comprised of a computer, sensors and actuators that control the application of brake force to individual wheels to correct a vehicle’s driving condition and keep it stable. In addition to its main stability control function, many other functions can be performed, such as: Hydraulic Brake Assist, Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Hill Hold, etc...
Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) is a computer controlled brake system whose main purpose is to prevent wheel lock and thus help the driver stop faster and maintain control of the vehicle during a stop even when driving on slippery roads such as ice, snow or wet pavement.





When the driver applies the brake, the Booster and Master Cylinder Actuation uses a vacuum to amplify the force applied by the driver’s foot to convert it into hydraulic pressure.


The Proportioning Valve adjusts the distribution of the brake force among the front and rear wheels and prevents the rear tires from locking up.



The Hill Stop Valve provides Hill Start Assistance for vehicles that are on an incline and equipped with the idle stop function. This feature prevents the vehicle from moving backwards so that the driver can depart smoothly and safely.





The Rear Toe Control
provides enhanced turning ability, maneuverability and stability by independently controlling the rear toe angle.





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